Global North versus Global South – the financialisation of food

April 15: Global North vs. South on the financialisation of food – video and transcript. A good example of how food supply and global finance issues are intertwined, so included in both sections on this page.

April 15: Another look at why we are paying so much at the pump. Which also, incidentally, demonstrates the increasing meaninglessness of conventional delineations such as ‘Canada’ and ‘America’ or ‘Energy Sector’ or ‘Financial Sector’ and so forth. Every kilometer driven is a fairly substantial source of income for protected, secretive private sector elites. It’s wrong; and what is most wrong is that we do nothing about it, preferring to be robbed than make a fuss. I suppose one could say, and not without justification, that such cowardice gets what it deserves, namely exploitation.

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