Current Menu at the Bakery

French Road Bakery      902 884 2599


Organic Wood-Fired Brick Oven Sourdoughs

 slow fermentation by organic living cultures


Rosemary Garlic Sisters –North River garlic, olive oil, rosemary, sea salt; stone ground white, Red Fife, fresh ground rye (90-5-5%); 450g – $5.00

White Spelt Rye – Rye, white spelt (35-65%), caraway seeds 680g – $7.00

Walnut – fresh ground wheat, rye & spelt, blended whites (30-5-5-30-30%), soaked walnuts, 680g – $7.50

‘Big White’ – blended whites, ground flax, sea salt, 1kg – $7.00


Whole Wheat stone ground 680g – $6.00

Dark Rye – rye & Red Fife wheat (50-50%), caraway seeds 680g $7.00

Fresh-Ground Rye / Red Fife with soaked seeds & spices – 700g – $7.00

Ezekiel-Style Sprouted Multigrain– Sprouted: rye, spelt, lentils, barley, sesame, sunflower, coriander, fennel, anise & caraway; ground flax; sea salt; 700g – $8.00


Honey Butter Whole White – Speerville’s Whole White with germ, unpasteurised Misty Meadow honey, whey from yoghurt, unsalted butter, sea salt 680g – $7.00.


Ingredients: Natural, living starter cultures from fresh ground organic kernels; flours: certified organic from stone or freshly ground grains; vitalized well water; all loaves: organic Portuguese sea salt (1.2% of baked weight of loaf). Fresh-ground loaves contain organic anise, fennel and coriander plus caraway in the Rye.  All ingredients are organic unless marked . ^: ‘altus‘ water and/or crumb from soaked aged loaves.


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