Zatoun – Palestinian Olive Oil

Olive oil from Palestine. High quality. Can be shipped in cases of 12 throughout Canada and US ($20.00 for 750 ml bottle). The above link is their articles page, but there is also an order page of course.

Also this article describes both of the two main suppliers in Canada:

the second one being spearheaded by young Julie Langlois in Montreal, namely Zeitouna Olive Oil. A CBC film about her:

I recently took in a large order of flour and other ingredients but my supplier (AuMillesEtUneSaisons) did not put the organic olive oil I ordered in the shipment. So I have decided to pay quite a bit more, but get some of the best oil in the world which also happens to be helping out a group of indigenous farmers whose lives and livelihoods are caught up in geopolitical / colonial excesses beyond their control. I just hate the way the modern world or the very powerful trample on farmers and other people living on the land in a proper way so if by buying their oil I help make their efforts more viable, that is money well spent. At $20.00 including shipping per 750 ml bottle, the cost is 17.5c per loaf in my garlic focaccio’s so again, or about 8 cents more than I currently pay for very ordinary quality organic oil; so even though this is pretty expensive, it is well worth it!

A gourmet supplier:

on which site, a gift set of gourmet Meditarranean oils:

Last this site, also in Canada:



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