Fungal infections as possible cause of intestinal issues with gluten, casein etc.

From Sodium Bicarbonate by Mark Sircus, OMD:  “According to The Home Medical Encyclopedia, in 1963 about one-half of all Americans suffered from an “unrecognized” systemic fungal condition. Far more Americans suffer from fungal infections today as antibiotics, hormone replacement therapies, and birth control pills continue to be consumed like candy. Thus more and more children are becoming infected with candidal meningitis or viral meningitis which means their systems are suffering under the weight of these poisons – these mycotoxins. While the gluten-free, casein free diet is a step in the right direction, it’s not enough. It is time we start focusing on conquering the systemic viral and fungal infections with the same substances that can destroy these same infections in the case of cancer.
‘In my practice I’ve noticed that clients who have chronic sub-clinical  viral,  bacterial or yeast/fungal infections accumulate and retain heavy metals in their bodies.  It’s interesting to note that these chronic  infections bind to toxic metals so  effectively that no chelating agent is able to remove them. ‘Dr. Ted Edwards
Dr. Edwards goes on to indicate that most patients who are experiencing the ravages of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, diabetes, lupus and other autoimmune diseases are found to have both dysbiosis and leaky gut. What happens is the combination of yeast-bacteria, yeast-virus, Candida infestation and heavy metal toxicity alter the stomach and intestinal track to such a degree that it can no longer function properly. It becomes highly reactive to gluten in grains or corn as well as to caseins found in dairy products.
The bulk of the pancreas consists of cells whose job is to produce fluid that contains enzymes and sodium bicarbonate. The enzymes digest food; the sodium bicarbonate neutralizes hydrochloric acid from the stomach to protect the delicate intestinal lining from damage. Without the sodium bicarbonate in pancreas fluid to neutralize stomach acid the intestine can be severely damaged by the highly caustic fluid that arrives from the stomach. Pancreatic enzyme insufficiency leads to bad digestion of food and subsequent malnutrition, accompanied by signs of intestinal irritation and we can start to imagine how useful bicarbonate is for children with autism.

Spores are tiny single cells that are produced by fungi that have hyphae. Spores are tiny single cells that are usually very resistant to environmental changes. They can remain dormant for long periods of time until the conditions are right for them to develop into mature individuals. Fungi are heterotrophs, meaning that they secrete digestive enzymes and absorb the resulting soluble nutrients from whatever they are growing on. For this reason they are great decomposers in the ecosystem, but they can also cause problems when they begin to absorb nutrients from a living organism.
Fungus is a parasite and very often dictates eating behaviors in the host. Typically, we see people who have a fungal condition with certain cravings not knowing a host of fungal invaders are dictating their behavior; not knowing that their arthritis, their cancer, their diabetes or other diseases are related to fungus. These people tend to crave pasta, bread, potatoes and sugar, which is one clue a physician can use to accurately diagnose the condition.
83% of 25 people tested with a dark field microscope had various stages of systemic yeast infections in their blood. This means that the fungus is flowing everywhere throughout the body. This causes joint pain, stomach upset, allergies, reflux, and many other disorders that are misdiagnosed by conventional medicine. Dr. Marijah McCain identified the primary cause of death in cancer patients to be NOT the cancer itself, but fungal overgrowth. The doctor also saw fungi in other diseases such as: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Gulf War Syndrome.
“The Feds closed my clinic 2 years ago… They said the procedure I was doing was categorized as “high complexity” and required unrealistic laboratory requirements for me to practice (One drop of blood on a microscope slide!) When I spoke to the idiot at CLIA in Dallas he said quote “We are going to get rid of all of you.” Nice… I will tell you in the short time I was using my scope I saved over 25 lives from sure death and also saw systemic yeast in everyone’s blood. They don’t want you to know that this fungus is what is really killing you, not the cancer!!! The chemo therapies contribute to this fungal overgrowth and it is deadly when not treated. It is clearly present in all Fibromyalgia, CFS, Lupus, GWS and a host of other problems they have conveniently mis-titled. I know it, because I not only saw this with my own eyes, in every case, but I treated it successfully and got results! People didn’t die!!! They got better, even when they had been given a cancer death sentence!””

Later on,  a throwaway remark about sourdough bread, which at least is favourable: “When it comes to modern western diets heavy with meat, dairy and quick rising bread even with normal hydrochloric levels people have a difficult time breaking down all the proteins into amino acids and that is why so many people have difficulties in their intestines to the point of leaking gut syndrome. Sourdough bread is important for this very reason. When bread is digested overnight by natural yeast the proteins get predigested before they ever enter our mouths. This is a central issue with gluten intolerance.”

(Agreed. I have many customers who report that they have no problems eating my bread but that usually they cannot digest ‘normal’ bread properly. I try to tell them that my bread is actually ‘normal’ in the sense that it’s made the way bread has been made since we crawled out of the slime and muck following the Great Flood but anyway…)

My personal feeling is that the use of positive fungi and bacteria, for example in properly fermented grains (breads and probiotic grain drinks like kvass), cheeses and other things like kombucha, sauerkraut and so on can help provide the body with the means to maintain an overall healthy terrain. It is in an unhealthy terrain that diseases flourish, and I suspect the same sort of things are needed in a healthy one as in an unhealthy one, it is just a question of which ones and the right sort of balance. In other words, a healthy terrain contains various yeasts, fungi, bacteria and all the rest of it, it is not free of those things. That is the fallacy behind too much of modern medicine, or at least the popular understanding of it which can be boiled down to something like: ‘get rid of all germs and there will be no disease; if a disease arises, identify the pathogen and get rid of it somehow, either with a toxin or by cutting it out.’

This is a very primitive, and fundamentally anti-life approach.

Not very healthy in other words!!

PS. From a cancer site linked in this book:


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