Cesium in Californian produce – which they sell us here in Cape Breton


OK, it’s not super-high levels. Also, I’m not sure if our levels on the East Coast have been rising (though I doubt it). But if you want to be more secure that way and don’t trust our supermarkets to be testing on our behalf, then BUY LOCAL PRODUCE this summer and learn how to culture/pickle the vegetables.

I’ll make a few posts with photos at some point on how to do this but it’s VERY easy:

1. Chop vegetables up and soak in covered / sealed jar filled with brine which is water with sea salt in it, to taste or about 1-2 tsp per jar (depending on size of jar). Wait a few days at room temperature (around 20C/70F) until it is bubbling nicely or, if under pressure, hisses at you when you open it up, AND it tastes sour, then pour off the water (use in soups, as salad dressing, as ‘starter’ for next batches), and keep in fridge. Congratulations: your veggies will now last 3-6 months AND the vitamin content is from 20-50 times greater AND you have Mother Nature’s probiotics to help keep your digestive system clean, healthy and balanced.

So buy plenty of local produce this summer and learn how to preserve it.


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