Making a new Starter

I am reading Discovering Sourdough by Teresa Hosier-Greenway which was linked earlier and is available as an online e-book. ( ) I am REALLY enjoying this book even though I find some of the recipes laid out or explained in confusing ways, inconsistent inclusion of grams, durations of processes etc. etc. But essentially it’s an amateur’s master class in sourdough baking encouraging you to try different types of starter ingredients and techniques. It will help me take my baking to a new level, that’s for sure.

Anyway, when I first got the book 2 days ago, I thought it might be a good idea to have a fresh, new starter to work with and compare it with my 2-3 year old one. For all I know, various bacterial members of the natural population have died out over time due to my keeping the starter in a rather cold fridge in between bakes, barely above freezing. Teresa recommends 44F for starters.

So here is a picture of my not quite two day old starter, which is comprised of:

100g fresh-ground rye flour (ground by my Nutrimill from the organic kernels)

100g vitalized unfiltered well water. (Vitalized from ‘s gizmo derived from the pioneering work of Viktor Schauberger, one of the world’s great, and largely unknown, geniuses.)

Now in many books it says it takes days until it gets going. As you can see, after less than two days, it’s off and running! Time to re-feed….




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