Canadian Govt. threatening to encroach on privacy further

Click on that link to sign petition and send message to your MP protesting this proposed/possible bill.

Most Canadians don’t know it, but the police and other interested parties already have the right to request your ISP for information about your browsing and email without informing you. Just another example of how our friendly, caring government is slowly and steadily tightening the noose. They are very good at this. Most well-meaning Canadians think it’s a good thing that the government controls our food, our medicines and now monitors our interpersonal communications. All for our own good of course. Anyone who objects must have something to hide, so probably it’s best that we spend first millions, then billions for faceless strangers to analyse our communications all without letting us know.

Frankly, if things go too far down that path, then I will greatly cut back on computer use and go back to reading books and listening to music. Simpler, richer pleasures. Like good bread, good wine, good cheese, and good friends?


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