New Fennel-Seed Onion Semola Fougasse – fresh out of the brick oven!

Fennel Seed-Onion Semola Fougasse

Inspired by stumbling upon the Hungry Ghost Bakery website, and seeing they have a fennel fougasse, I decided to bake up one of my own, albeit mine has some white onion in there too (along with being sourdough, and having both fresh-ground and soaked anise seeds plus soaked rosemary, Lebanese olive oil, plus fresh-ground sea-salt crystals on top,  plus being 25% semola flour).

More later. The bake is underway still. But this is a very nice-looking, delicious smelling (bread, onions and anise) and hopefully also a delicious-tasting piece of whatever…

(2 hrs later – YUP – tastes great!)

The dough is a bit too dense from being heavily man-handled during shaping, which sourdough doesn’t respond well too (best to treat extremely gently). Next time I’ll get it right, hopefully, by upping the hydration which makes it less sensitive. Also, the semola made it denser in any case, albeit it adds a delightfully earthy undertone, not to mention a buttery golden colour. The occasional crunch of anise seed is also a welcome surprise. Excellent with high quality olive oil.

Hmm, the more I eat this one the better I like it – except I put too much sea salt on top or in the dough. Again, will be perfect next time, but it’s already a world-class bread!


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