WalMart researches improving wheat farming

Vast green wheat field, stretching off to a line of dark trees on the horizon, and that everlasting sky, with cirrhus clouds, above

A magnificent view of wheat on the edge
of town in Virgil, KS. Beyond the tree line
is the Verdigris River.–sector.html

On the one hand, it is interesting to see how a very large purchaser of wheat is researching ways to improve farming efficiency to lower costs. On the other hand also potentially disturbing, since one of the benchmarks, apparently, is the progress made of late with cotton and corn (both GM, the former with some very nasty side effects in India).

Still, this simple article gives us a glimpse into the large agro business realm. I also find it interesting that there is widespread use of ‘no-till’ methodology. I thought this was only practiced by organic types. If you have healthy soil – i.e. healthy, active microbial cultures therein – it sort of takes care of itself, although there still remain issues around ensuring only the crop you want – since nearly all such things are monocultures – and tilling is one old way of uprooting everything else and being able to start fresh. But I am no farmer and so will say no more!


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