Some facts about Vaccines

(Graph from:

Is this proof? Of course not. But probably it’s about right.

All these somewhat negative posts about GM and now this one about vaccines are not supposed to make the reader angry or discouraged, but rather reaffirm that basically you are better off:

a) eating organic and

b) eating local production as much as possible.

Basically my approach is:

a) if it’s made in factories and/or

b) if it’s made far away and/or

c) they use lots of unnatural chemicals in the process instead of trusting Nature then

d) I would rather not make it part of me by ingesting it.

If I do eat stuff like that, I don’t worry and try to enjoy it. But generally I think it best to avoid it, both to reduce harm to oneself, but perhaps more importantly not to encourage them by giving them money to keep making more.

After all, if we all stopped buying junk food, nobody would make it.

Food for thought!

NOTE: if anyone is seriously interested in this topic, then recommend you take a closer look at where several books and studies are referenced.

Also, I stumbled on this article via Natural News:


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