When the Iron Bird Flies

I just realised I could post a link to my old book on this blog, so here it is:


The ScribD blurb:

When the Iron Bird Flies

An introduction to Buddhism via Tibetan schools initially designed for younger Western readers. Written in the early 1990’s, contracted to Crossroads-Herder NYC (who published the Pope amongst others) but not published because they went out of business. Gives an overview of the main theory and method of the three main levels of the buddhist tradition known as the Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana. Of particular interest for those unfamiliar with the tradition might be the introduction of the Six Realms which give a graphic, intuitive, provocative and perhaps different explanation/description of the various states of mind experienced by all of us both over the course of a life and from moment to moment.

Also, having downloaded many good books and texts from Scribd I wanted to give something back, in this case it just happens to be something I wrote myself.

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