Hippy wisdom


Lots of outrageously funky good common sense in this lady’s e-book and website, like:

how best to eat dirt and ash (for minerals);

how to get rid of parasites including biofilm fungi etc. (which cause auto-immune – a misnomer- diseases like arthritis using borax, bicarbonate of soda.

How to pickle vegetables, make kvass, good bread, survive depressions.

It’s fun.


Arthritis, like all other biofilm-related diseases, is caused by a parasitic biofilm that grows throughout the body wherever it can find an opening wide enough for a cell to grow through. The immune system will attack the intruder wherever it finds it, and, because the film is invisible to medical diagnosis, it appear that the immune system is attacking its own body.

The body’s immune system does not attack itself, however. That it appears to do so indicates that there is something there that is “not-self”, whether or not it is visible or acknowledged by western medicine. It is called “auto-immune” because allopathic medicine believes it is the immune system attacking itself, but it is not.

There are many so-called auto-immune diseases. The most common or well known one is arthritis. Some others are fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, celiac and myesthenia gravis. Probably there are many of others, including many of the exotic-sounding diseases that didn’t exist a hundred years ago.

Parasitic biofilms get established in the body when it is overly acidic, and the digestive system is unable to see off or digest the intruder due to insufficient enzymes. Our digestive enzymes do double duty. When they are not digesting our food, they join the immune system to patrol the body and digest any invaders that the other parts of the immune system cannot deal with. It is the job of the digestive enzymes to digest these parasites. The “auto-immune” response is the immune system doing its job — attacking foreign invaders. The “auto-immune” disease is the failure of the immune system to eliminate the foreign invader.

Because the immune system cannot fully eliminate these foreign microbes, they are able to form transparent films that are invisible to current microscope technology. These biofilms, as they are called, provide the foreign microbes with a home that acts as a protective shield for them, allowing them to form colonies. Depending on the location and nature of the colony, the main symptoms of the particular “auto-immune” disease can be caused by the battle between the foreign microbes and the body’s immune system, or it can be caused by the physical presence of another living organism pressing against or blocking particular organs or pathways in the body or, as in the case of chronic fatigue, the strain of carrying around a parasite that is draining the body’s resources and energy for itself.

When there are other deficiency disease factors present, the presence of a parasite can make them worse.

Understanding parasitic biofilms:
New discoveries, Bacteria Organize Into Biofilms, Biofilms and chronic infections, Introduction to Biofilm

Ways To Combat An Internal Biofilm


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