About Flax

Flax is being used in more loaves of late, and in my case this is fresh-ground immediately before being mixed into the dough and soaking along with the dough for 20-30 hours before baking.

Here is a solid article overviewing many of the benefits of flax. I didn’t know about the phyto-estrogen/ Lignans related issue which has favorable effects for both men and women. Generally speaking I don’t put much stock in these sorts of lists, but on the other hand, based on how it tastes and how I feel using it, am convinced it is a very beneficial ingredient and I find am using it in more an more dishes, especially morning oatmeal and daily brown rice.

There is a diet which highly recommends mixing fresh ground flax with (properly fermented) cottage cheese. The Budwig Diet – “The Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese of Dr. Johanna Budwig as well as the ultra high nutritional formula TRICAN® corrects the original “document” or DNA of the cells with a blast of ultra high nutrition. That way the DNA will now start producing healthy cells instead of distorted and diseased cells. That is the real solution to cancer and disease.”  http://www.budwigcenter.com/


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