Mimi Kirk, my new heroine

Recently, and for no particular reason other than a sudden passion for eating vegetables, I have gone on pretty much a vegan diet, although personally am not interested in any labels or diets per se, I just have this feeling that all I want to eat is plants, nothing else. Indeed, I am currently researching the best ways of growing vegetables here year round so that at first I can have a supply of fresh, organic produce and then later, perhaps, be able to offer them to others. But this is not about me, rather Mimi. The ‘sexiest vegetarian alive’. \


Mimi the Sexiest Vegan Alive!

Mimi the Sexiest Vegan Alive!

I also do not exercise much, apart from some qigong and occasional walks, so this is doubly heartening…..

Now, without any disrespect to Mimi, I picked this photo because it does not make her look like a thirty-year-old or anything, although clearly she is in fine form with a delightful figure, especially for someone her age. Here’s another one from a Google image search with a closer look of her face:

Mimi - closer up

Mimi – closer up

Another one from an interview linked below, also more realistic:

Mimi - on interview

Again, not meaning any disrespect, but she doesn’t really look like a fifty year old per se, even though there are many at that age who look worse. Put it another way: she clearly is in great health and it shows, and I suspect it shows most in her movements and spirit. And people her age who are not in such good condition look far more battered, shriveled, distorted. Indeed, she looks more cheerful than many a person in their teens or twenties because clearly her spirit is in fine fettle.

Rock on, Mimi!

Three interviews with Mimi: http://www.lowdensitylifestyle.com/FREE,%20flexibility,%20fluidity/mimi-kirk/

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