What might be in your (Govt approved) milk

milk chemicals1 What’s in Your Milk? 20+ Painkillers, Antibiotics, and More


This is from the U.K., but I suspect there is little substantive difference in terms of what we get in Canada. I will be buying milk today from the corner store because I am growing a batch of lactobacillus sourced from rice soak-water to experiment with as soil additive (not to drink). Personally, I haven’t purchased agro-business milk in a couple of decades, although I do eat cheese made from pasteurized milk from time to time. I find it deplorable that so-called ‘Health Canada’ essentially has outlawed real milk from the market place. But each age has its own particular forms of insanity. In times past, sexy or overly smart dames in small towns were burned as witches by pompous, bigots masquerading as ‘men of God’, nowadays we are afflicted with a strange belief in ‘progress’ which involves taking the paradise which is the natural world living and growing all around us, from microbes to cloud formations, and killing it, turning fertile soil into lifeless, poison-ridden dust, turning healthy fresh milk into something harmful, turning originally good, nourishing bread into a slow, long-term killer, turning life-giving vegetables into a regular source of malnutrition given there is hardly any life force in them by they time they make it through lifeless soil or chemical nutrient growth media, spraying, cooling, trucking, storing and so forth.

Ah well. (Actually, I am beginning to feel optimistic for the first time in decades. As more people begin to wake up to the nightmare, they will start to push back for a return to a more natural way of living, which is perfectly doable. All we really have to do is dismantle the private credit (banking) cartels, tax large corporations at double the rate of small/individual people local businesses, and in no time at all, there’d be dancing in the streets all over the planet (again).

Anyway, that’s enough of that ‘old year’s rant’ …


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