Gut bacteria and weight


For many obese patients, particularly those with type 2 diabetes, gastric bypass has succeeded where nothing else has. Severely obese patients routinely lose 65 to 75 percent of their excess weight and fat after the operation, studies show, and leave their diabetes behind.

Oddly, however, the diabetes remission often occurs before significant weight loss. That has made bypass surgeons and weight-loss experts suspect that Roux-en-Y changes not only anatomy but also metabolism or the endocrine system. In other words, the surgery does something besides re-plumb the gut.

That “something,” according to previous studies, includes altering the mix of trillions of microbes in the digestive tract. Not only are the “gut microbiota” different in lean people and obese people, but the mix of microbes changes after an obese patient undergoes gastric bypass and becomes more like the microbiota in lean people.

Researchers did not know, however, whether the microbial change was the cause or the effect of post-bypass weight loss.

That is what the new study, by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University, set out to answer.”

Comment: interesting, but hardly surprising, albeit something insufficiently studied by mainstream corporate medicine. This relates to the French Road Bakery in that I offer only slow-fermented ‘sourdough’ breads, nothing using modern yeast which is designed to produce copious, dependable gas ASAP so that bread-processing time is reduced for commercial bakers, raising volumes, profits, cutting labour costs etc. etc. etc., i.e. it is not about making better bread, but more profitable bread.

Slow, natural fermentation releases more of the nutrients but also, I suspect, results in less of the grain being available, during digestion, to feed certain types of gut flora which in turn not only produce gas, but end up swelling the intestines, and in so doing reducing their efficiency which results in quite a bit of sludge build-up over time as too much of what is in there is incompletely processed before the next meal comes in. This is exacerbated by the strain on the pancreas being asked to manufacture large numbers of enzymes to digest this cooked food. I suspect there is less demand for real sourdough bread, especially whole grain or sprouted, but do not actually know.

In any case, the point of including this article is to show that even in something which so many are concerned about, namely weight gain/loss, gut microbia play a key role. Just as microbia play a key role in this sourdough / natural fermentation bakery!

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