The Great Gluten-Free scam

From The Telegraph:

The great gluten-free scam

Once, pasta and bread were store cupboard staples. Now, many of us are replacing them with ‘healthier’ gluten-free foods. But are they really better for us?

The Gluten Free Aisle in The Fresh Market Grocery Store in South Carolina, USA

This is the first hard-hitting anti-gluten-free piece I have read, and as someone who sells ‘normal’ breads, I try to keep up with the issue whilst staying out of any arguments. This article does – in my opinion rightly – mention that quite possibly the ‘killer’ in modern bread is not gluten, per se, but overly rapid fermentation techniques derived from the Chorleywood method in the 60’s. I would go further back to emphasis on mainly or exclusively white flour, using flours stored far too long, aka not fresh at all, additives to preserve flour life and baked bread life, single-strain beer yeast fermentation used in fast several-hour vs 18-24 hour methods and so forth.

I suspect there are some excellent gluten-free products for celiacs and those wishing to reduce normal bread consumption but also that it’s the same as with finding and eating good food everywhere these days: if it’s in a package with long shelf life, chances are that

a) it’s not all that good for you anyway, though there are exceptions of course and

b) probably it’s manufactured for profit by food corporation which cuts endless corners so in fact is little better than junk. You can have gluten-free junk food as well as any other type of junk-food.

In any case, right or wrong, I continue to believe that slow-fermentation with organic ingredients is the right way to make ‘real bread’, and that such real bread is not only okay but in fact actually good for us as it was for thousands of years until only very recently when we introduced post-industrial, commercial, large volume ‘manufacturing’ practices (which most home bakers follow without realising using single strain yeast, kneading, fast fermentation, old flours etc. etc. ) and so that is what I shall continue to offer!


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