Private Life of Plants

tune into the plant kingdom by watching David Attenborough’s marvellous ‘Private Life of Plants.’ Lots of loverly time-lapse pictures of which below a still screenshot.

Flower1I am reading some of Michael Pollan’s book, including last week ‘Botany of Desire’ in which he tries to advocate a little on the world from the point of view of the plant kingdom. The article in the New Yorker Mag. which I linked a few weeks ago is better in that regard.

But these time-lapse photos are simply amazing. The Buddhist Dzogchen masters have it aright: space and consciousness/awareness/intelligence are inseparable (as confirmed by the Quantum Crowd decades ago), albeit different forms reflect that intelligence in different ways, and intelligence should not be confused with a self or ego. But that’s not the topic of this little post, nor of this little blog!

Enjoy the Plants!

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