Uisce break

Thanks to the help of friends, I purchased a 2012 custom-built 45 ft gaff-rigged Sharpie-style yawl.

Sharpie-style means she is flat-bottomed, and her length is about 4-5 times her width, which in this case is 11′. Her depth board up is 2′ which is extremely shallow for a boat this length, and 6′ board down.

Her ‘rig’ is gaff-rigged (upper spar on four-sided mainsail), and yawl – meaning a smaller sail on second ‘mizzen’ mast aft of the rudder. She also is cutter-rigged in that she has two foresails up front.

So here is a picture of her without sails:

1 from stern

In any case, on June 17 I leave to take possession, varnish her up, get to know her for a week or so, and then – hopefully – sail her up starting early July and arriving back in Cape Breton around July 20. This passage will be chronicled – or blogged – at:



Uisce is her name: it means ‘water’ in gaelic, which for me is an old, sacred, pre-industrial language, so it is like ‘Water Goddess’ or ‘Sacred Water’ to my mind. But also, the word has a good ring to it, and also a chipper subtext. The Uisce!

Feel free to follow along!