Back this week – July 26

Back earlier than expected (due to disastrous nature of the sailing venture!), so will be at the market this week, one week earlier than announced.

I got some really great brick oven sourdough breads from two bakeries in the US, one in Vermont, the other in Deer Island Maine. So I am going to do a sort of experimental bake featuring traditional miche – large 2.5 kg loaves.

Also, I found out why I had difficulty getting my Red Fife white flour this spring: American organic meat producers are expanding and buying up large quantities of organic grain (shame on them, they should be promoting pasture-fed!), which is squeezing the small organic bakeries with their much smaller orders. Indeed, both bakeries are using Meunerie Milanaise flours even though it is more expensive than most American equivalents and based in Canada.


If I hadn’t been such a fool for sailing vessels this past  year, I could have afforded a new stone mill from Komo (Cost about $1500) with sieves meaning I could make higher quality fresh-ground whole grain loaves, but also freshly sifted, fresh-ground white flour meaning I would only have to buy the kernels, which are cheaper. But that is going to have to wait another year or longer until I am back in the black. Meanwhile, I am very happy with the Speerville Whole White which varies from 80-90% extraction, albeit it means I cannot make the sort of fluffy, light-coloured loaves that many prefer. They are better for you!


2 thoughts on “Back this week – July 26

  1. Hi Ash, Sorry I missed you during my sojourn around CB and NS. You have a fan in Mike Wolters from Rumtopf Farm in Conquerall Mills. He mentioned some great bread at the Sydney farm market and I piped up that it was most likely yours. He has a nice farm there with his wife Wanda and 5 grown children. I’d love to connect you. Read about your sailing adventure. Sorry. But your writing about it could very well set you liquid again. Do give it a try. I’ll be putting together a photo essay about my travels soon. Is your sister still in Woodstock? I’m going to be moving to Saugerties soon. Loaves to you, PH

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