Geopolitics again

This blog is largely not being updated any more, mainly because I don’t feel there is much to say. The battle lines have been drawn for many years: a world that promotes sanity and goodness based on bedrock human feeling, or one that is increasingly dominated by financial spreadsheets and bizarre technological shortcuts which devise way to control supply and production in order to maximise profits by basing things on patented or otherwise exclusive methods. In so doing, the latter sort of destroys the basis of its own existence, simple things like clean air and water, beautiful wild and cultivated vegetation and animal life, healthy good-hearted family lives and so forth.

You either get it or you don’t.

You either keep believing most of the compromised crap being promulgated in terms of fake food, or pseudo-organic products, terrorist threats, the stupidity of those into organic food, those skeptical of hysterical warnings of climate change – which conveniently ignores the horrific degree to which our bad agricultural and corporate practices are raping and ruining our world – are ridiculed, just like those who don’t reflexively wave the flag as government after government pass laws edging us into full state control and virtual tyranny, crappy entertainment with stupid plots and characters devoid of most norms of decency, norms, intelligence, good heart and so forth.

You either get it by now, or probably you never will.

Meanwhile, they want to take historically the bread basket of Europe and in a few short years chemialize the soil, ruining it for generations to come and calling it all ‘free market progress’ without pointing out that this always comes with a terrible price for the local people involved. Ask the farmers in Iraq whose thousands-of-years based seed stocks were destroyed after our invasion and have almost lost the ability to feed themselves without first paying our central banks and international corporations.

Meanwhile ordinary human goodness persists, although mainly in the hearts and minds of ordinary good people everywhere, the vast majority amongst us, who struggle to maintain personal and spiritual viability in the midst of this tremendous onslaught. In the end we will ‘win’ because such aspirations and motivations are based on bedrock decency in line with the fundamentally good nature of life and our world. But meanwhile, many bad things will continue to unfold, whilst far too many of us burst into laughter at the canned jokes provided by shallow sit-coms on the goggle box.



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