Organic brick oven baker living on Cape Breton Island.

The purpose of this blog is to share news and views that seem to relate to my simple operation, but would make the main bakery website at www.frenchroadbakery.tk overly busy. That site is current down and am not sure if it will be revived.

That said, there are some pages mainly for the ongoing bakery service, not the blog. There is a guest book page for those inspired to leave comments about the breads purchased at the Farmer’s Market in Sydney or Baddeck, and each week I will update the ‘Weekly Menus’ page so you can see what will be on offer at the market that day. If I am not attending a market for whatever reason, I shall try to post that information on that page to give you a heads up.

For those interested in how traditional organically fermented (sourdough) breads are made, I have included some recipes. If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section and I will respond.

Most regular contributory posts will be sorted into various thematic categories such as: recipes, cooperatives, food supply and so forth.

In a previous life before settling in Cape Breton I was a Buddhist practitioner and teacher and wrote a book which was contracted but then not published (small, privately-hel New York publisher (who, although they published books by the Pope, nevertheless went under like so many in the past couple of decades). There is a post in this blog about it with a link to where you can read and/or download the book for free.


The Tel Nr has changed to 1 eight-eight-eight  two-three-eight  five-four-nine-one.



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