Global Citizens Report against Big Ag, Big Pharma and Governments


(many sites have commented on the report, in pdf format, below, so if you search for the title, you might find many other sites, albeit FarmWars is a leader at covering this sort of issue.)

The Report:

Ok: Dr. Michael Milburn, friend and local acupuncturist, traditional chinese-style herbalist, qi gong teacher and healthy diet teacher, sent me the following report, which is a 30-page pdf containing zillions of links to other related reports, some of which I shall copy and paste below, but all of which you will find yourself if you can read through the entire thing which I recommend. It is much longer and denser than the typical 1-4 page internet or magazine article we are nowadays used to reading, but, given the subject matter, no more than a series of well-written notes highlighting various aspects each of which deserve book-length treatment, albeit all of which are well summarized in the title which is again:

Global Citizens against Big Ag, Big Pharma and Governments.

Actually, there isn’t all that much about Global Citizens doing X or Y simply because most of us are too stunned (and indifferent) to do much. Well, that’s a bit harsh: most of us lack the means to organise into bodies that can do slow, expensive, consistent work in laboratories, Courts and via lobbyists and political parties. Large corporations can sustain multi-year mutl-faceted, multi-million dollar campaigns, whereas most ordinary citizens cannot. It’s as simple as that and indeed one of the main functions of political systems (democracy, royalty, communism etc.) is to deal with the inevitability in human affairs of what can loosely be called ‘harmful centralisation’, in other words when too much organised power is concentrated in the hands of too few. It’s as simple as that.

Most of us have forgotten that the original role of the Monarch was to protect the wellbeing of the general citizenry (aka ‘subjects’) from overly ruthless feudal lords who in most societies had life-and-death power over their inferiors. Only the Monarch had life-and-death power over them. Of course the system didn’t always work as intended – like all systems – but we tend to forget that at root, the purpose of that system was to correct against excess of power by the elites in charge, which in those days were ‘nobles’ or ‘aristocrats’ or ‘feudal lords’. This was also the root concern of so-called ‘republics’ (like the US) or ‘democratic nations’ and so forth, the theory being that if the people elect the leaders every few years, corrupt leadership couldn’t possibly develop.

Today, elite power is concentrated in the hands of agencies which increasingly are divided into increasingly few, and in any case often interwovenly owned, keiretsu, or corporate networks, whose clout allows them, increasingly, to infiltrated and more or less control national government policies, which is why in more mature democracies, like the United States, it is increasingly difficult to perceive – on a policy vs. rhetoric level – the slightest difference between, for example, the previous Bush and subsequent Obama administration. The rhetoric might change, especially during campaign season, but the trajectory of national policy, be it military, social, medical and above all financial, does not. Each successive administration appoints people either from prior administrations and/or from leaders in the same industries (such as Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Weapons, Big Finance – who are the Biggest of the Big since their few top firms outright own about 30-40% of all the other ones as proven by a well-known Swiss study a few years back). The officials’ job is to ‘oversee’ those same industries in the interests of the people (the role of government after all), but in fact for the benefit of those Corporate ‘Special Interests.’

Well, that’s a mouthful for a tiny, little baker on his tiny little blog. But this is an example of how everything is interconnected. It always has been and always will be and on every level, be it spiritual, psychological, conceptual, physical, chemical, phenomenological, ontological, microscopic, para-galactic etc. aka ‘the holographic universe.’

This is why the so-called ‘organic food movement’ – which doesn’t exist in any monolithic organised fashion of course – is important, because who we are both as individuals and as societies, or ‘communities’ as we like to call them in Cape Breton and Nova Scotia, is defined by what we do, and say, and feel, and think, which of course includes what we eat, including where it comes from, and how it is grown, treated, processed.

The lead point in pages 1-2 of the article linked above goes into how new processing methods which involve intense dessication (drying out) of cereal grains in the field prior to harvest use glyphosates, which enter the food chain and also damage microbial populations in soil. So these glyphosates are found especially in non-organic breads, cereals and of course also beer and whiskies.

This introductory section also goes into how both this sort of thing and introducing GM by companies such as Monsanto and Syngenta are being boosted by political leaders who often come from or are paid by those Corporate Special Interests.

To give you an idea of the style of this report, which alternates summarizing sections with links to further information, here is the Page 3 part concerning mainly Glyphosate alone, which is just one of many such issues broadly covered…. I can’t paste it in because of formatting problems….

Page 3 Fight for Life reportHopefully you can click on that to read, but if not just go to page 3 of the ‘Fight for Life’ report linked at the top. Actually, at top of page 4 they have a link to a YouTube video mentioned in the text about the dangers of GM foods:  This video is about how chemicals mess us up, basically, and how chemical toxicity undermines gut microbe integrity which in turn messes up the brain and many other systems, including liver enzyme function and much much more, involving autism, parkinsons, cholesterol cancer, chronic fatigue and so on.

I purchased and read Geoffrey Smith’s Seeds of Destruction a decade or so ago – about the dangers of GM foods – and highly recommend it. Although it’s fair to say that one cannot really determine if eating GM soy is bad for us in small quantities, it is quite clear that there is a pattern of bad science, deception, collusion between governments and Special Interests, and severe diseases in laboratory animals fed GM-based food regularly over time. At the very least there should be a moratorium on the methods and products until far more testing is done. Any fair-minded person reading this book – which is 80% comprised of extracts of a multitude of scientific reports – many of them previously unpublished – conducted by both Industry and govt-sponsored scientists, none of which are editorialized by the author, so you can read these reports and come to your own conclusions, an unusually fair and open way of presenting material. Indeed, I don’t remember ever seeing an argument, even a so-called ‘scientific’ argument, presented in such a thorough, open, objective fashion.

Well, the rest of the report you can read yourselves. The reason I am posting it is because this is also a first for me in that it links hard-core scientific papers dealing with Big Ag, shows the ties between Big Ag and Big Pharma (i.e. Sygenta) not only promote cancer-causing agents in agriculture, but then also own companies providing therapies (rarely cures) for cancer. A classic racket! It’s like the New Jersey mafia who used to have most of the heavy-duty transportation trucking contracts – which break up the roads – and then also the road-repair contracts, so the worse they made the roads and tore them up with their trucking fleets, the more money they made fixing the roads! And then further the corrupt ties between Big Companies and Government.

Indeed, some of the report even goes into the ‘conspiracy theory’ realm in the sense that corruption is so rampant that systemic collapse is almost inevitable, but not only that, it is even assumed, if not desired, that a certain amount of ‘depopulation’ is being planned for deliberately; how war in Syria was planned for two years before the Arab spring; how vaccines for viruses are largely fraudulent.

I cannot speak to the veracity of such viewpoints, but have always promoted organic and local foods – since the early 1970’s when I dropped out of college to go live on a spiritual commune in Munroe NY – mainly because it seems to me that this is a simple, direct intersection of politics, spirituality, economics, culture and so forth. Put another way: if we all ate organic, our entire culture would shift in so many ways – mainly because of resultant shifts in local community employment patterns, featuring people actually working together to make things together, wherein far more people would be making and doing things for local/regional clientele vs. simply selling stuff made in China or grown in Chile/California – that most of the large Corporate Interests and stupid things they make – including rotten films and television shows and controlled media etc. etc. etc. – would simply go away because people simply wouldn’t be buying into all that rubbish in the first place. On a more simple and immediate level, even though we might not be able to organise ourselves well in comparison with large Special Interests and Governments (which increasingly are the same thing), we can have considerable effect by the choices we make every day. And rather than just sheepishly going along with everything presented in Big Box Stores (whose presence is known to undermine small town / local community economies and yet who continually receive tax breaks to come in and drive away most small local businesses and replace them with minimum wage, low-skill jobs, little better than life prison sentences!), including what is offered in Supermarkets, we can choose to do things differently. As much as possible buy from Farmers’ Markets or local suppliers of any goods and services, including local shoe repair, sawmills, local service providers – construction, road repair, energy and other consultants etc. – and so on.


These are the links I opened up – a very small selection – going through the article:  (about corporate espionage)

(Merck vaccine developer admits vaccines routinely contain hidden cancer viruses from diseased monkeys, and how they introduced AIDS to the US from such vaccine operations) (chemical brain drain) (depopulation agenda)

(Note: I have not studied the depopulation agenda story. I am trying to avoid most of these things because am more interested in what can be done positively rather than dwelling on all the corruption. I am now satisfied that most of the elites and our political systems are dysfunctionally corrupt, even if many of the individuals working therein are sincere. I don’t need to keep reading about it any more and prefer not to, at the same time do not want to deny overmuch either.)

PS  a related article I just read, albeit not about this report:

Short article showing disturbing levels of pesticides in organic produce. Yet another reason to support local farmers by asking for and then buying locally grown organic produce!


How Farmers’ Markets are the Front Line in an Emerging War in so-called ‘Developed’ Societies

I believe that issues pertaining to what we eat, where we buy our food represent an emerging front line in a developing war (of sorts) between ordinary people, aka ‘citizens’, and the various agencies and organisations who collectively represent their ‘rulers’.

All societies have class systems which develop from a valid need to separate functions, roles and authority in any group structure, from a small family to a large nation. And whenever there are such divisions of role and status, there is the danger of such relationships becoming dysfunctional or unhealthy. This too is entirely normal. The challenge of any such organisational structure involves how well it deals with inevitable imbalances.

My suspicion is that although we live in a time of relative peace and prosperity for those of us fortunate enough to live within the pale of industrial development, there are many quite sordid aspects which we collectively prefer to hide, both from ourselves, and also the leadership hiding from those below.

What’s good: most of us have significant basic freedoms: if you want to work to become a doctor or lawyer, you can. If you want to be a mechanic, a carpenter, a writer, a banker etc. etc., you can choose your path. You can usually choose who you marry and raise children with. You can usually choose where you live, roughly speaking (i.e. we can’t all just pack up and move to a mansion in Beverly Hills CA).

What’s bad is the encroachment of commerce into nearly all aspects of everyday life. Since the development of civilisation there has been a natural growth of trade as goods (now also services) are transferred from one location to another. From this basic trade – most of which no doubt occurred at market places about one day’s journey away from each other as populations expanded, or more closely knit in concentrated urban areas, such as the neighbourhood street markets that exist to this day each Saturday in the various arrondissements in Paris – emerged a class of traders, those whose livelihood depended upon their cut of a deal between buyer and seller, the transaction being mainly up to them since they would buy from wool vendor A in Town Z, and then sell to carpet maker B in Town Y, with wool vendor A and carpet marker B not necessarily ever meeting, both dealing only with Trader T.

There is nothing wrong with any of the above. It’s natural. However, increasingly over the past few centuries, the Traders have taken over society.

This is where the following linked article comes in:

Here is an excerpt from the initial few paragraphs, but I recommend reading the entire thing:

This would seem to embody the USDA’s advisory, “Know your farmer, know your food,” right? Not exactly.

For the USDA and its sister food regulator, the FDA, there’s a problem: many of the farmers are distributing the food via private contracts like herd shares and leasing arrangements, which fall outside the regulatory system of state and local retail licenses and inspections that govern public food sales.

In response, federal and state regulators are seeking legal sanctions against farmers in Maine, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California, among others. These sanctions include injunctions, fines, and even prison sentences. Food sold by unlicensed and uninspected farmers is potentially dangerous say the regulators, since it can carry pathogens like salmonella, campylobacter, and E.coli O157:H7, leading to mild or even serious illness.

Most recently, Wisconsin’s attorney general appointed a special prosecutor to file criminal misdemeanor charges against an Amish farmer for alleged failure to have retail and dairy licenses, and the proceedings turned into a high-profile jury trial in late May that highlighted the depth of conflict: following five days of intense proceedings, the 12-person jury acquitted the farmer, Vernon Hershberger, on all the licensing charges, while convicting him of violating a 2010 holding order on his food, which he had publicly admitted.”

The underlying story here – to my mind – is that the government (which mainly represents Commerce, which is the modern Trader) feels inspired to step in to interfere with private arrangements between individuals and a farmer. These are called private agreements (as opposed to commerce which transcends local or national jurisdictions and used to be called ‘the law of the sea’ or Maritime Law for that reason), and it is such ‘privacy’ that is supposedly protected by various constitutions and charters throughout the Western developed world, and such rights exist principally to provide a bulwark against the encroachment of too much power and control from the Rulership, whether that be in the form of a Monarch or a Legislature or a Tyrant, democratically or otherwise chosen.

And here we see the emergent battle getting down to what you can pick up with your hand and put in your mouth, surely one of the most simple, basic function of any living organism. If your neighbour has chickens who run around the woods feeding themselves and the hens lay (unfertilized) eggs and you pay your neighbour (or do some other deal or even receive them as a gift), the government can step in, in the interests of ‘public safety’, and forbid you from such elemental transaction as taking an egg, boiling it, and enjoying it for breakfast.

Well, this is a simple blog with infrequent contributions and this topic is worthy of several volumes, for it involves no end of examples from current news stories, many of which are not well written so it is hard to figure out what is really going on, constitutional law, commercial law, common sense and so forth.

Suffice to say that I remain increasingly convinced that it is Farmers’ Markets in local communities that are the principal main Force for Good in this general War Front in developed societies. There is a place for regulation, including basic standards of hygiene and so forth, but also there is a line beyond which it should not cross. That line has something to do with acknowledging privacy, the right of a private person to make agreement with another private person, which is outside or underneath the realm of Commerce and extra or para local affairs. In other words, if you are going to get into Commerce which involves transferring goods and services outside a local jurisdiction (however that is defined), fair enough: you must obey various regulations, usually in the form of legislated Statutes enforced by various Government Agencies. But within a local context, such regulation should have no part to play.

We have allowed Commerce via Government Agents into our bedrooms and kitchens where they have no business.

A Farmers’ Market is a front line of local person-to-person interchange, which is why I feel it is perfectly correct and normal that you find more than only farm produce at such venues, and also why so many of the various Boards encourage things that are made locally by local people but discourage little stands selling franchised items (various brands of shoe polish or soap made far away for example). Most importantly, it is a way for local people to make things for their friends and neighbours who can choose whether or not they want the products. And even more importantly, if enough people were to choose the local products, then more producers would step up and gradually we could get rid of the Big Box stores, whose presence has been shown to harm local economic and cultural life again and again.

I suspect that 95% of people who sell and buy at Farmers’ Markets are unaware of just how (potentially) important they are. Certainly all such markets in Nova Scotia are forbidden to operate unless they get every single vendor in them to agree to abide by various Statutory restrictions.

Personally, I would love to put together a market that clearly and unequivocally stands free from such restrictions for it is a matter of principle. But also it would mean that both sellers and buyers would have greater awareness of the significance, the importance, the value of basic human society, which is consenting free people exchanging goods and services together in a common area, aka a ‘market’.

Sorry, this was too long, but anyway…..

Monsanto Protection Act in the US – this is not a joke!

I find this website often adds a tad too much emotional spin for comfort, but at the same time he usually covers real issues and real news which few others do so consistently. Personally, I am convinced, having read Seeds of Destruction in full which highlights dozens of peer-reviewed studies on GM crops/foods etc., that GM should be immediately outlawed as a perversion of Nature and something already proven to be harmful to animal and human health. Full stop; end of story.

Of course, that’s not going to happen.

If Mike Adams is right in this article about the thrust, scope and power of this new ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ which is apparently it’s real name, then this is just one more reason why we should start growing our own food again and/or getting absolutely as much as possible from local producers at our Farmers’ Markets. Personally I don’t trust most of the organic stuff at the supermarkets and regard packaged food which can be stored a long time but are pre-prepared and ready to eat, even if organic, as useless. I will buy organic produce there if there is no local equivalent, it’s a way of voting with my dollars, but I am not convinced it is all that much better – a fruit picked weeks too early, even if organic, is really not all that good. We are all so used to prematurely picked fruit that even farmers’ markets vendors do the same thing.

Anyway, a quote from the article:

Corporate-government conspiracy is fascism

This new law forces the USDA to automatically approve all GMO planting permits sought by Monsanto and other biotech firms, effectively granting Monsanto dominion over the U.S. government. This is the very definition of fascism, a form of tyrannical government where corporations conspire with the government to destroy or confiscate all rights, powers and assets, leaving the people impoverished and powerless.”

You might think, reading this in Canada, that it doesn’t concern us. You might be right. But I don’t think so. Health Canada is the same sort of corporate-run fake government that they have in the US, as various Canadian whistle blowers have shown us. Our press is so controlled few Canadians are aware of these things.
In any case: eat organic, grow your own or buy local. Don’t trust these long-distance, over-centralised corporate-engineered imitations of pretty much everything: food, clothing, music, education, medicine, government, law and all the rest.
They are taking money out of peoples’ bank accounts in Europe and this is just the beginning.

Closer to Home – about Land Grants and the Louisburg-Gabarus highway

Doing legal research this morning as part of an Appeal I am self-representing later this year in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia in Halifax, I stumbled on this (entirely unrelated) topic concerning original Land Grants, whose titles were granted in perpetuity to all heirs and descendants. If most of this information is basically true, then locals in Gabarus and Louisburg might well be able to mount a successful legal motion to get the old roads joining these two foundational communities on the island back in service, essentially kicking the Federales who closed the road as part of mounting the Fortress Louisburg Historic Site (principally for non resident tourists) out of the picture.

Generally speaking I believe we all should become more educated in terms of fundamental Common Law and related issues about which 99.9% of us – including senior  professionals such as judges and government officials and law professors – are abysmally ignorant. We might soon be losing our civilisation if we don’t wake up!

“On June 16, 2010,  the Crown Land Patent Initiative Committee, an internal group of the Ontario Landowners Association (OLA), met with members of the Federal Conservative Caucus for an informative discussion on the powerful force and effect of Crown Land Patent grants.

Supported with years of in-depth research, the group informed the MP’s that Crown Land Patents are the root of title to property and were originally issued to settlers to award them ownership of property or land. Land Patents are legal contracts with the Crown that give land owners certain rights as detailed in each land patent and remain in effect in perpetuity, even though the properties may change ownership many times. The Land Patent committee cited a number of “property issue” court cases that were won based on recognition of the crown land patents.
All land owners are encouraged to apply for their crown land patent grants.

The OLA committee presenting members were President Jack MacLaren, Elizabeth Marshall, Duaine McKinley, Garry Otten and Deborah Madill.

The Ontario Landowners Association (OLA) was formed in 2006 to preserve and protect the rights of property owners and to enshrine property rights within the Constitution of Canada and the laws of the Province of Ontario. The OLA mandate is to aid landowners whose rights to; own, use, manage, enjoy or benefit from, have been, or will be affected or harmed through Government actions. In addition, they actively support those Politicians and Governments who support, property rights and demonstrate and encourage small, fiscally responsible Government. For more information on the OLA or land patents visit the OLA web site at

“Smart metres, water metres, land appropriation, forced re-zoning, amalgamation, municipal plans, the Mineral and Aggregate Act, Toronto’s Greenbelt,unwanted access to your property by any ministry or official for any reason other than serious crime, the Endangered Species Act and basically any legislation that may impact land ownership rights could be completely moot and some would suggest outright illegal in the eyes of the Supreme Court of Canada so long as you hold a Crown Land Patent Grant….

“Land patent grants are the original contracts between  the Crown and the original settlers, their heirs and assigns forever; you are either the heirs or the assigns of those patentees (as  landowners),” she said. “Those (CLPGs) grant you your rights; your water rights, your mineral  rights, your right to tell the MNR, the bylaw offi cers, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera this is my land, get off. “I am not just saying this as a sermon; this is absolute solid, 100 per cent concrete,” she said, referring to several court cases spanning about 100 years. “These documents overrule orders in council, they overrule legislation, they overrule just about everything. All legislation is, is a thought, a whim or an idea.” She explained the farce of legislation is that it is created by the ideals  of the people in charge and a result of the time they are created, easily reneged when another party or person gets another idea “or whim.” “They put it on paper and they think it’s a real law; and that’s what we are being ruined by, legislation that is a thought, a whim, an idea,” she added. “It  doesn’t have to be constitutional, don’t ever think that any piece of any legislation has to follow  any rules, it does not.” She said one such piece of legislation was in 1950 under the Lands Grant  Act, where, she said, the proof and power of the original land grants was buried in the wording. That was challenged in the Superior Court of Ontario by a group of residents who all shared a  private section of beach that was frequently trespassed upon by the public. The township decided  it would attempt to appropriate the beach section, creating a development plan to do so, from the property owners to create public land. But the residents each secured their CLPGs, which  all proved ownership to the waterfront and court ruled in favour of the private landowners. “(The   township) could not plan for those beaches, they didn’t own it; if you don’t own it you can’t plan  for it,” she said. “All of these plans, they may work on Crown land, they may work on public land,  but when it comes to your land, you are the only one that actually has a plan and that’s your  survey, registered against your title.

“And your title goes all the way back to the Crown Land  Patent Grants because the (grants) are your root of title,” she added, warning that one way the grants have been hidden was altering the  law so lawyers only had to go back 40 years in a title search for property purchase. “You in fact  may not even be able to have the land that you have because they have not done a complete  search from you to the (CLPG).” She told all in attendance they should go about securing their offi  cial, certifi ed copy of the CLPG at a small cost to ensure they know their full rights and exactly  what they own and what, if anything, the government may have access to.

“It will tell you whether you do or you do not own your water, if you have navigable water ways, whether you do or do not own your beaches, it will tell you whether you own your mineral  lights…it won’t even have your name on it, it will be the original patentees’,” she explained. She said in other court cases that landed at the federal Supreme Court, the rulings were “it clearly states  council cannot overrule the reservations or the guarantees of the (CLPGs),” and that the  municipalities, province or federal government has no authority to create legislation that would overrule the patents. “It’s up to you folks to get your patents and start standing up for and  understanding your own rights; when people come on to your land that are offi cials from the municipality or the MNR or whatever, if they are coming there to tell you…‘I’m the bylaw  inspector, you can’t paint your trim pink,’ you can say ‘get off my land, you have no right or authority; I have a contract with the Crown, what do you have…get off my land’. “You have the right to tell anyone and everyone to get off your land unless you have committed a criminal  offence,” she added, so long as the landowner physically has a certifi ed copy of the CLPG, which should be posted and visible.

Metering Private Wells

She said it is even more crucial right now that property owners, regardless of the size of property,  get theirs now. Ms. Marshall said she has read new provincial legislation coming out that identifi  es the government’s desire to put water metres on private wells. “They already have their source  water committees looking at metering wells, private, individual wells,” she said, again warning that depending on what the original negotiation was, the CLPG could say that the Crown has the right  to the water, and in that case, there will be little power to stop a meter going on the well. However, if the CLPG does not clearly identify the reservation of water rights to the Crown, she said the  property owner has every right to deny entry, even to enact a citizen’s arrest for trespassing  against the offi cial. She said the CLPGs outweigh any legislation that may impact a person’s  property and under common law, identify that no person shall pollute, block or alter the fl ow of neighbour’s water, air or land, so environmental protection is already built in, requiring no  additional water or species  protection acts. “These patents are your rights, they are your responsibilities and they are your good-neighbour paper,” Ms. Marshall said. “You have the  authority; these things are also a lot of responsibility, you cannot just go hog wild, it is set in  common law.” She said it is a powerful tool that could shatter many of the current systems in the  country, thus the fear from all levels of government. Ms. Marshall suggested farmers and people in the greenbelts, who had sever limitations put on their ability to develop or use their lands as they see fit, could be due all their appropriated lands back or financial compensation. She referred to  another successful court case of an elderly gentleman in Petawawa, where the local council wished to alter the zoning of his land from rural residential to mineral aggregate against his wishes. Using his land patent grant, that was quashed. The documents have also been used to stop governments from taking over private land mineral rights and she said could overrule –in favour of the original landowners — any international, national or provincial heritage sites, UNESCO sites and formed marsh lands. She said it could throw wrenches into many municipal plans and systems, including water treatment systems and the municipal water act that places people in urban areas on one system. She said under the CLPGs, that is an unnecessary infringement of rights.”

Cape Breton example:

Provincial Crown Land Grants


I will use Cape Breton Island as an example, but it applies to Nova Scotia (New Scotland), and any other province or territory in which Crown Land Grant Patents where issued to the original settlers.

1.Find the provinces Crown Land Grant Map (Natural Resources Dept) example: (Nova Scotia)

2.Compare closely to other detailed maps, example: Geologial and Natural History Survey of Canada 1884
These maps are incredible. They indicate all churchs, shops and even better, the homes of the settlers, some are even named.

3.Now compare with the original census of Canada-1881 … 0.01-e.php
(If you are blessed to still hold an original family bible, be sure to check with this very important document as well.)

4.Also, check out the provinces historical vital statistics (here’s Nova Scotia’s)

Then one could go to their local Lands and Deeds Office (Municipality or County), to search for any old wills from their forefathers (if one exists). One can also ensure a proper search was done on the property in question.

This is a very difficult task, settling old Family Business. Remember, many early settler’s never registered their property nor did they mortgage them. It was recorded by Natural Resources/Reciever General when they recieved the Crown Land Grant, not the county or municipality.

For fun: Old map of Gabarus area (others available from same website):