Prill Beads – $20.00 solution for alkalizing / ‘structuring’ drinking water

This is part One of two, the link to #2 is at the bottom. This one covers a general introduction to various aspects of water in relation to healthy/structured/alkaline and unhealthy/unstructured/acid etc.

Prill beads are a very economical way of structuring / alkalizing drinking water.

You can buy them at:

I am sure there are other sources.

This article mentions the work of Emato and Viktor Schauberger, both of which are linked in the Water Section of my Links page on the FRB website at

I use a Schauberger-derived copper insert in my main water line to structure the water. It has made a marked improvement but I am interested in making it more alkaline.

These things are subjective but I have a rather odd, but true, story about the Schauberger insert (from within 30 minutes of installing it, my cat started to drink from the tap. She had never once drunk from the tap before. Now she pretty much only drinks from the tap except when it is very hot in summer and my shallow dug well heats up and the water is not so good (at which point I use water from the neighbours for a few weeks until the water is good again. And I know when it’s good again (apart from occasional tests just to be sure) when my cat wants the water again. And actually I can tell myself. In any case, it made enough of a difference to immediately change my cats drinking habits.